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Fall ’09

So here we go again. : Another Labor Day weekend is upon us. One final lobster blowout, corn and tomatoes dribbling onto our t-shirts, before we need to pull out the sweaters to take the chill off after sundown.

This is what keeps east coast cooking so fresh. The change of weather brings a change of mood. And the new mood brings a desire for new tastes.
We move from the bright, light & clean flavors of summer to the deeper, richer & fuller flavors of autumn. Not quite ready for the rich, dark stews of winter we mix a little squash into our corn, a bit of chorizo with our tomatoes & some apple cider with the brussel sprouts. Just a touch of heartiness to tide us over until it’s time to dive deep into the weight of winter.

Our upcoming seasonal highlights…

As soon as the chilly weather is here to stay, our seasonal menu changes will bring back all the flavors of autumn we’ve waited all year for.

Crowds hit the West Village to celebrate the annual Halloween parade and join us at Good for a great meal (and some scary cocktails) before-or-after the craziness.

Our Thanksgiving Day reservation list opens officially the day after Labor Day and yes, it’s true, the calls do start coming in on week 1. The annual Thanksgiving Feast, a 4-course menu featuring classic holiday choices as well as updated dishes, has become a seasonal favorite for many of our holiday-loving (and pumpkin pie loving) customers and friends.

And then, before we know it, it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s…
The restaurant is closed on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day so our staff can enjoy the bounty of the season with their own families. But we’ll all be back to help ring in the New Year with a special New Year’s Eve Celebration Dinner menu & our famous New Year’s Day Brunch.

We’re looking forward to a high-energy Fall filled with the smells and flavors of the season. And, of course, we’d love to have you join us.

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